Activities / Suggestions for using these books in your classroom:


1) Use the title as a discussion starter. Make predictions.
2) Stop at a problem in the storyline. Brainstorm solutions.
3) Stop before the ending. Brainstorm possibilities.
4) Make a list/chart of characters, character traits, problems encountered, etc.
5) Do a ‘role-play’ based on 2) or 3) above.
6) Do a role-play of a scene from the story.
7) Draw pictures of scenes and/or characters from the story.
8) Create a journal entry (words/pictures) while the story is being read.
9) Write a journal entry after reading the story.
10) Create a mind-map of different types of families.
11) Create an anchor chart for definitions of family.
12) Write a letter to one of the characters.
13) Write a letter as one of the characters.
14) Retell the story in comic form, perhaps using Bitstrips or ComicLife.
15) Create a word list of inclusive language.
16) Have your students add sticky-notes to a chart with their ideas about family.
17) Create a poster to advertise a concept learned from the book
18) For Tango, see this teacher blog post
19) Explore and challenge gender stereotypes with your students. Use books, make lists of stereotypical behaviours, then make drawings with captions of kids participating in non-stereotypical behaviours. Make a book of these, or hallway display, "Boys Can, Girls Can".