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Informal mingling, snacks, look at the books (Music - John Mayer - Who You Love)

Welcome, Introductions, Rationale for the Workshop

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Book Sharing and Examples of Activities:

1. Read: It's Okay to be Different
- great start of the year book
- sets the tone of acceptance and inclusivity in your classroom
- students could create their own "It's Okay to be Different" examples on cards, art projects, etc.
- would make a great display around the room - could be added to as the year goes on
Activity: Create a little post-it with "It's OK to be __". Add to the clothesline!
Technology Application: Do the same activity using Padlet.

2. Definition of Family / Family Diversity
Read: All Kinds of Families
- talk about 'Love Makes a Family' photoshow - show book
- draw a picture of your family - students could create their own page for a class book on family

3. Read: And Tango Makes Three
- placemat activity - either do, or show samples
- read the book; share follow-up activities; talk about the emotional journey of this story
- why is this a great book to read to students?
- how would you use this book in your classroom? with what ages of students would this be appropriate?
- for classroom suggestions for using Tango, visit this teacher blog post

Sharing of ETFO Materials - posters, Safe Space references, etc.

Diversity Book Kit
- in pairs or groups, read some of the books, brainstorm activities for each
- share

Look at the Stories on the Road website
• book list
• activities list
• curriculum Links

Prize Draw for books!

Thanks for coming! We hope you'll enjoy using these books in your classrooms!