The "Stories on the Road" workshop series was created by the ETFO-WR Equity and Social Justice Committee in the Winter of 2011. It was created to support teachers as they engage in conversations with their students about LGBTQ issues. Books used in the workshop belong to the Equity and Social Justice Committee's Diversity collection. Since the collection was started a couple of years ago, many teachers have expressed to us their unease with the idea of discussing LGBTQ issues within their classrooms. In this workshop, we hope to show teachers how these books might be used with students as starting points for discussion about LGBTQ families, individuals and related issues.
'Stories on the Road' workshops are hosted at individual schools with the staff from the school, and perhaps friends, in attendance. The goal is to create an informal atmosphere where books can be read, shared and discussed in a safe and inclusive environment. Snacks are provided and there are draws for book prizes at each workshop. After the workshop, one of the book kits is left at the school for a period of a few weeks, in order that teachers can use the materials in their classes and share ideas with others on their staff.

If you would like to book a workshop at your school, or other facility, please contact Tara Duguid through Waterworks.

If you have ideas for books or other materials for our collection, we would love to hear from you!

Trish Morgan
ETFO Equity Representative
Member of the Equity and Social Justice Committee ETFOWR